I am proud to endorse Josh Barnett for AZ-01. Josh has been a strong voice for election Integrity, the Constitution, border security, and medical freedom here in Arizona. He’s diligently worked to help people facing job loss due to Covid mandates.

No one fights harder than Josh Barnett. He brings fresh ideas and a passion for the America First agenda.

I’ll be voting for Josh, and I encourage all others living in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix, and Cave Creek to vote for Josh as well.

Let’s send this fighter to D.C.

– Kari Lake
Arizona Governor Candidate

We need more America First representatives in Congress that don’t just talk a lot, but follow through with action. Josh Barnett has proven that he’s focused on actual solutions, evidenced by his activism and affidavits which led to the Arizona Audits and his work assisting small businesses protect themselves from the tyrannical Covid-19 restrictions. I fully endorse Josh Barnett and know that he will be the kind of Congressman we need in Washington DC.


– Jeff Dornik, host of The Jeff Dornik Show,
Co-founder of Freedom First Network and founder of The GateKeepers.

Josh Barnett is a gift from God to me as a person, as a candidate, and to my great state of Georgia. Josh has taught me the Constitution and our rights as Georgians and how to hold the corrupt establishment accountable. Affidavits, notices, and Grand Juries have flooded GA because of Josh. Arizona is blessed to have him willing to serve the people there. I wish he lived in GA. Josh is not only a dear friend but a fellow patriot in the fight to take our Union back to the people. Josh Barnett will make the best US Congressman America has ever seen! He has my full endorsement, and I can’t wait to work beside him to rid the people of the elitists on both sides of the aisle who encompass the swamp!

Dr Kandiss Taylor, GA Gubernatorial Candidate


There’s no better man for the Job than Joshua Barnett. He is a patriot, leader, and a true friend. We need more authentic people like Joshua in office. No more politicians. We need those who are hardworking, dedicated, and that have put their neck out there to make a difference. If you want a leader for the people from amongst the people, Joshua is your guy.

– Brandon Tatum


The era of corrupt politicians, out-of-control debt spending, and government corruption needs to end, and I can think of no better person to fight for the rights of the Arizona People than Josh Barnett. Vote out these lifetime political parasites, and vote in your proactive community leaders instead.

– Mindy Robinson


“I am honored to endorse Joshua Barnett for AZ-01. This man is a fighter and his no nonsense approach to liberty and America’s founding principles will make him a great state representative. I’m excited to see Arizona thrive under his leadership.”

– Anna Khait

Josh Barnett is a Patriot that I give my full endorsement to, with my blessing. He’s a fighter that will fight for American & Arizona. He is honorable, tough and will give you all he has – to make sure you, the people win. You will be proud you voted for Josh…and you can’t say that about most people wanting your valuable vote. I trust Josh 1000%. Make the smart move and pull the lever for Josh. He’s a leader & a winner.

– John Stubbins
Host of: INDIVISIBLE with John Stubbins

It gives me great pleasure to endorse and support Josh Barnett to represent Arizona in the United States Congress.  During this time of such turmoil and political corruption, it is vital that We The People focus on voting for candidates who will stand for individual liberty and true American values. Josh Barnett will stand for our Constitution and protect our border. I know Josh Barnett. He will do what’s right. It is our time to change Washington and we can start with Josh Barnett as a member of Congress. 
– Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)