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The border has been an absolute disaster under the Biden Administrations policies, or lack thereof.  We see a clear distinction between America First policies and the failed Democrat policies. 

First, we must Finish the Wall.  It must be outfitted with all the cameras, anti-climb tech, radar, drones, and ground penetrating radar which act as a tremendous deterrent.

 The Stay in Mexico policy must be implemented and remain in place.  We can no longer allow illegal immigrants to walk into our country, get processed, told to come back for a court, then released into the mainland. 

Any felon that we are paying for with our tax money needs to be sent back to their country of origin to be incarcerated.  American taxpayers should not be responsible for this cost. 

Visa overstays need to be removed immediately.

An illegal immigrant should NEVER be granted amnesty or citizenship.

At this point, I agree with Congressman Paul Gosar, that a 10 year moratorium should be implemented immediately until we get coronavirus and the economic issues it has caused under control first.  Americans must come FIRST!


Any federal or state mandate for a vaccine is a direct attack on the People’s constitutional rights and should be abolished immediately.  No one should have to choose a Jab over their Job.  This should always be an individual choice and a person’s vaccination status should never be held over the head of anyone.

 HR550 should be immediately repealed!  The vaccination status of the people has no place in the United States of America.  Any and all bidirectional databases of the people’s health records need to be abolished right away. 

No one should be forced to take any vaccine against their will. It’s wholly unconstitutional and goes against everything the United States of America stands for. Our freedom of choice and decisions made with our physicians are private. The federal government should never interfere with any American in their private affairs and the people are protected constitutionally as written in Arizona Constitution Article 2, Section 8. Where it’s stated that the people cannot be disturbed in their private affairs.


School choice should be a right of every parent and family.  Their liberty interest (children) should be allowed to attend a school that best fits their child’s needs.  All money should travel with the child to whatever school the parents see best fit. 

CRT and any similar teachings should be eliminated from all school curriculums. 

Parents should be allowed to attend all public school board meetings inhibited.  No one should be calling concerned parents “domestic terrorists”.  This divisive and threatening language is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  Anyone using this type of rhetoric needs reprimanded.


I will always strive to cut taxes for the American people wherever and however I can.  I believe you should decide how and where your money is spent, not the federal government. 

The corporate tax rate should remain at 20% or even lower.  A lower rate, coupled with deregulation, will take the stranglehold of American companies and allow them to remain in the U.S.A while being competitive on the world wide stage.

  I will bring manufacturing back to the United States, especially, pharmaceuticals (antibiotics), auto, and computers. I believe a minimum of 50%, of any sector, must be made in the USA.

I intend to help make America energy independent again to keep costs down for everyone on heating, cooling, and gas prices.  We must continue to find new ways to utilize coal and natural gas by using more environmentally friendly CO2 trapping mechanisms and greener fracking technologies. Exploration for more efficient and cheaper ways to implement solar, geothermal, and hydro power must never stop.   Nuclear power is the cleanest and cheapest form of energy to power the masses.  It needs to be vastly expanded to take on our increased energy needs.

Enhanced Surveillance Advisory: Monitoring and Preventing the Spread of Covid-19

I am deeply troubled and concerned by the recent authoritarian actions by all levels of our government that have continued to
abridge the basic rights of both Arizonans and the American people. On December 15th Governor Doug Ducey issued an executive order (EO) known as the Enhanced Surveillance Advisory: Monitoring and Preventing the Spread of Covid-19. While this EO banned Covid-19 mandates for state, city, and county employees, it is a thinly veiled guise that further enshrines the illegal monitoring and surveillance of Arizonans.

The EO openly declares that “a health care provider or medical examiner shall report to the local health authority all cases of any illness, health condition, or clinical syndrome and any additional information specified in an Enhanced Surveillance Advisory” and goes on to state “physician patient privilege does not prevent a person or health care provider from complying with the duty to report or provide personal information and medical information to the Arizona Department of Health Services or local health authority.”

This executive order by Governor Ducey does not protect the rights and privacy of Arizonans, in fact it does the exact opposite,
and should be addressed by the state legislature immediately upon resumption of the legislative session in January of 2022.
Next, as I have previously mentioned, HR 550, a bill that passed the House of Representatives November 30th of this year with
unanimous Democrat support along with the help of Republicans David Schweikert and Debbie Lesko, is a complete disgrace and represents a ghastly overreach by the federal government. The bill directs for the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to “expand, enhance, and improve immunization information systems” by “improving and increasing consistency in patient matching, data collection, reporting, bidirectional exchange, and analysis of immunization-related information.” It also “supports the development and implementation of policies that facilitate complete population-level capture, consolidation, and access to accurate immunization information.”

The passing of HR 550 has driven us ever closer to complete authoritarian rule from an unbridled, ever expanding, federal
government full of career bureaucrats. Both David Schweikert and Debbie Lesko should be ashamed of the partnership they forged with the left and the Democratic party to pass it through our House of Representatives.

Finally, on December 17th, the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati lifted the 5th Circuit Court’s injunction against the Biden Administration’s OSHA vaccine mandate. Although the 5th Circuit found “there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the mandate” , the 6th Circuit inexplicably found that the gross violation of the rights of the American people are of no concern because supposedly Biden’s OSHA “demonstrated the pervasive danger that COVID-19 poses to workers—unvaccinated workers in particular—in their workplaces.”

Now let me be clear. The belief that an unelected regime of federal bureaucratic hacks at OSHA, has the right to force Americans to be vaccinated or lose their job, is an immediate and glaring danger to the very continuance of this great Republic.

Even more detrimental, is that this dangerous and totalitarian ideology now pervades from the very courts the founders
entrusted to protect us from executive overreach. As you can see, many of those that have been most entrusted to
protect us from the dilution and violation of our rights, are striking swiftly and brutally at the cornerstones of freedom and autonomy. This is clearly not an isolated incident, as whether it be two of our elected representatives and the Governor here in Arizona, or many of our highest courts across the land, they clearly no longer represent the ideals of the founding fathers.
Arizonans and all Americans deserve better than the clearly accelerating disintegration of the Great American Experiment our
authoritarian overlords wish to hoist upon us. Despite the bleak direction our state and nation appear to be heading in, do not lose hope and do not stop resisting. Your rights are worth fighting for and if elected, I WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS.